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designed by brand.new

read and accept the licence

This is a licence aggrement

1. The trial version of the font is not a complete font. It is provided only for testing, experimenting and evaluation purposes, such as mock-ups or presentations to clients to showcase potential uses of the trial font. You may also use the font for personal projects, such as conceptual design work, on the condition of proper attribution to brand.new. Any other use, such as in any kind of final and/or published project, may it be personal or commercial, is strictly forbidden. Such uses require a paid, commercial license from brand.new. 2. You may showcase uses of the font on non-commercial, unpublished, mockup or concept projects on social media platforms on the condition of attribition to brand.new and creating links to instagram.com/brandnewathens or meentype.com 3. brand.new makes no warranty, express or implied, that the trial version of the font is suitable for any specific purpose. 4. When testing the font for its potential use, you are obliged to do so only in a protected, offline environment. 5. The trial font cannot be shared with others. You may not sublicense, sell, lend or lease the font. 6. You may not open the original font in an editing software in order to reveal its structure, organization or code. 7. You may not use the original font file to create a derivative or modified product or design, including creating characters for alphabets and languages not covered by the typeface or designing custom versions of the typeface. 8. You may not embed the font software in any document, application, website or video stream which could be accessible publicly or by a third party. 9. You are entitled to embed the licensed font in a secured read-only mode, under the condition that you secure embedded documents against unauthorized use by any third party. 10. You may not embed the licensed font for the purpose of allowing third parties to create new documents or designs. 11. You may not install or use the font on a server that can be accessed via the Internet, via another external network system (a system other than LAN) or by workstations which are not part of a licensed unit. 12. You may not modify, alter, customize, disassmble or decompose the font in any way. 13. The font cannot be used in political messages or by political parties without the written permission of brand.new. 14. Responsible for the resolution of any disputes are the Greek courts in accordance with Greek and EU legislation.

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